Custer County SD Search &Rescue

​ ​Courage, Commitment, Compassion

Custer County (South Dakota) Search and Rescue is a department of the Custer County (SD) government and is made up entirely of volunteers throughout the community.

Previous experience and specialized skills are not a prerequisite for membership, but a commitment to respond to the call of duty 24/7 no matter what the weather, time of day, or present activity is a must.

To become a member, one must only request information from any current member, the Custer County Sheriff's department, or contact SAR Director, Rick March (  Following application, prospects must pass a background check and interview.  Due to the needs of the squad and the amount of gear issued, membership is limited to 25 active members.

The squad meets the fourth Monday of every month at our garage for a short business meeting and monthly training sessions. 

Periodically, we have all day trainings, some half-day training sessions, and a few evening sessions.  All active members are expected to make all training activities and keep familiar with all the equipment, gear, and procedures.